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Mobile Terminal Application

This is a supplementary project to PayDay Software Systems (Pty) Ltd's Time and Attendance module. It serves as an alternative to using biometric devices that are dedicated to carry out tasks related to time and attendance. The main purpose of this application is to record date and time which can be categorized as IN, OUT, CAPTURE PHOTO, CALL OUT(IN) or CALL OUT(OUT) to specify whether a duty has started or ended. Furthermore a comment or proof as a form of an image can be attached to that task for generating reports. Any information collected on Mobile Terminal Application is mainly used for PayDay's software application, no data is shared with any other institution/party.

Location Services

MTA only records your GPS Coordinates only when you perform a clocking task, which can be IN, OUT, CAPTURE PHOTO, CALL OUT(IN), CALL OUT(OUT) and that is the only incidence the system will know your location. The application does not automatically track your location. The GPS coordinates collected are further decoded to a human readable address for reporting purpose. The main reason behind recording your location is to highlight a site where the users have logged their times to avoid dishonest claims of reporting on duty.


MTA only uses your camera when you choose CAPTURE PHOTO on the application, this photo is attached to a log transaction saved which can later be used as a proof that work has been completed during site visits or call outs.


Versions of MTA running on ZKTeco's Mobile Data Terminal (HB510) devices have the ability to capture employees' fingerprints. Stored fingerprints are used to identify employees when any task under Clock IN/OUT activity is executed.